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Invisible Laptop Stand
Invisible Laptop Stand
Invisible Laptop Stand
Invisible Laptop Stand
Invisible Laptop Stand
Invisible Laptop Stand
Invisible Laptop Stand
Invisible Laptop Stand

Invisible Laptop Stand

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Finally, an upgrade on traditional bulky ergonomic laptop stands! 💻🙌

As our society becomes more and more tech-savvy, computers are a mainstay in our daily lives. But as much as how they’re essential, the low screen positioning and fixed keyboard force its users to be in an uncomfortable hunched over position, which results to neck, shoulder and back pains!

But no worries, Prop & Up Minimalist Laptop Stand will help you find the perfect comfortable viewing angle on any table you prop your laptop on!

  • PROP IT IN ANY WAY YOU WANT. This stand has many modes of propping, you can adjust the height from 5-8 cm and the angle from 15-25 degrees, giving you a perfect & comfortable viewing angle!

  • IMPROVES BODY POSTURE. The low screen positioning and fixed keyboard forces users to hunch over their laptop. This stand promotes healthy body posture by tilting the laptop, resulting in less neck and shoulder pains and a more comfortable position.
  • EASY ATTACHMENT. It comes with a super strong adhesion that you can attach on the back of your laptop or tablet. You can also easily detach the stand if need be.
  • FITS MOST LAPTOPS. This stand can accommodate any 10”-17” laptops. You can even mount tablets on this super handy stand!
  • HOLDS UP TO 18 LBS (8 KGS). It can carry most laptop weight, including the weight of your hand on it.
  • STURDY, LIGHTWEIGHT & SLEEK DESIGN. It’s 3 mm thick and is only 65 g in weight! You wouldn’t even feel that it’s attached on your laptop.
  • AN EVERYDAY CARRY. When you carry around your laptop, you’re also essentially carrying the stand! When your laptop is not in use, just fold the stand together with the laptop and put it away in your bag!


Material: PU + Plastic

Dimension: 22.4 * 0.35 cm

Colors Available: Gold, Rose Gold, Black, Silver

Package Inclusion/s: Get 1 pc. of the Prop & Up Minimalist Laptop Stand

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